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R'Success Workshop Series

R'Success Workshops are scheduled on a drop-in basis and “first-come, first served.” The workshop series covers a variety of study and life skills topics with each workshop offered several times each quarter. If you’re looking for ways to strength your study habits and time management skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Every term, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a series of study skills workshops, which are free of charge for registered UCR students. We encourage students to attend as many workshops as needed and then to visit with our peer mentors and professional staff for feedback and reflection on study skills development. R’success provides students the flexibility to choose workshop sessions on various study and life skills workshops that align with their individual interests and schedule.

Earn Reward Stamps for attending workshops throughout the year for a reward.

Receive a stamp for each session you attend (some workshops are worth two (2) stamps); 7 stamps earn you a certificate of completion, an invitation to the Academic Resource Center recognition event held in May.

How to participate

  1. Register online here
  2. Review the quarterly Schedule of Workshops from the online under Workshop Schedule tab
  3. Start attending workshops! At your first session, ask for an "R’Success Card" and begin earning stamps. Most workshops are worth 1 stamp, but select events are worth 2 stamps (few might get you 3).
  4. Collect 7 stamps to complete the program.

Completing the Program

Once you have collected at least 7 stamps turn in completed R’Success Card and a reflection to the ARC front desk.

  1. Write a one-page written reflection (within "Details & Attachments" answering the following questions:
    1. How has your participation in R’Success workshop series contributed to your academic success? 
      How will you continue to develop and apply what you have learned through the series?
    2. Reflection must be double spaced, 12 pt font, with 1 inch margins: Times New Roman or Arial font. 

Once your Stamp Card and Reflection have been reviewed and your workshop attendance has been verified, a Program Coordinator will notify you of your completion of the program

BONUS: Add an image of your completed R’Success Card to your social media account (Instagram, facebook, twitter) with the hashtags #UCRARC #UCRSuccess. These hashtag will be searched and a winner will be selected.


New Workshops Available Fall 2018! **

  • Ability to Give & Receive Feedback— Examine the ability to give and receive feedback, including verbal, non-verbal, cognitive, and affective processes and content of this form of communication.
  • Be the CEO of you—Gain experience on how to pitch your strengths and accomplishments, establish a professional network, and learn the basics of professional communication for career development.
  • Conflict: Work through it—Learn about different communication strategies and styles of dealing with and resolving conflict.
  • Creating an Effective Presentation – Understanding what to include (and not to include) in an effective presentation to ensure your presentation is delivered with confidence.**
  • Developing Strategies to be Victorious at Math – Gain tips and study strategies to help students successfully navigate math before, during and after class and exams.**
  • Expand Your Memory, Enhance Your Grades – Learn reasons we forget material along with ways to remember and improve your memory to retain information for later.**
  • Goal Setting & Time Management—Offers tips, tools and techniques to help students balance their class schedule with personal and work obligations. Includes necessary measures to overcome procrastination
  • Journey to Academic Success – Learn how to interpret and retain necessary information along with different types of note systems & techniques for taking notes before, during, and after lecture. Provides an explanation of test types and test-taking tips as well as information on how to maximize time when taking a test.**
  • Public Speaking...You can do it!—Provides an overview of public speaking skills and best practices to understand the tools necessary to speak confidently and prepare professional presentations.
  • Small Talk & Initiating Relationships—Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk that will lead to more meaningful interactions and put your skills into practice.
  • Stress Management— Designed to show students where stress comes from and how it can affect them academically and personally.  Students will be given resources on how to cope with different types of stress.
  • GRAB Control of Your Time

    Four simple ways to make the most of your time and avoid procrastination.

  • Time Management Worksheet

    This is a worksheet that lets you see your weekly schedule at a glance. This allows you to see your schedule and determine whether you are managing your time wisely.

View the current Study Skills Workshop schedule - Winter 2019 Workshop Schedule will be available Wednesday, January 9, 2019!

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