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Study Skills Workshops

are scheduled on a drop-in basis and “first-come, first served.” The workshop series covers a variety of study skills topics with each workshop offered several times each quarter.

If you’re looking for ways to strength your study habits and time management skills, you’ve come to the right place. Every term, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a series of study skills workshops, which are free of charge for registered UCR students. We encourage students to attend as many workshops as needed and then to visit with our peer mentors and professional staff for feedback and reflection on study skills development.

  • Critical Reading—Provides techniques for annotating reading assignments.  Introduces students to reading strategies, such as on how to interpret and retain information.  

  • Effective Note-Taking—Offers strategies for taking notes before, during, and after lecture.  Introduces students to various note-taking methods with information on how to determine which method is best for different subjects.
  • Exam Preparation—Designed to help students create a study plan.  Includes study resources.
  • Marking Your Textbooks—Offers a step-by-step process for highlighting and marking important textbook information.
  • Motivation and Goal Setting—Provides motivation techniques to help students set and achieve academic goals.  Includes a goal-setting activity.
  • Stress Management—Introduces students to the origins of stress—where it comes from and how it can affect them academically.  Includes coping resources.
  • Test-Taking Strategies—Provides an explanation of test types (e.g., essays, multiple choice, open-book, True/False) and test-taking tips as well as information on how to maximize time when taking a test.
  • Time Management—Offers tips, tools and techniques to help students balance their class schedule with personal and work obligations. Includes necessary measures to overcome procrastination.
  • GRAB Control of Your Time

    Four simple ways to make the most of your time and avoid procrastination.

  • Time Management Worksheet

    This is a worksheet that lets you see your weekly schedule at a glance. This allows you to see your schedule and determine whether you are managing your time wisely.

View the current Study Skills Workshop schedule here.

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