ARC Student Employment

Come join our almost 200 student employees provide academic & personal support to help students achieve their goals!

You only need to submit one application and select programs you would like your application to be sent to. If a program is hiring, they will reach out to you accordingly.

Please note that we are unable to provide individual applicants with status updates. If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you via email with an invitation.

General Hiring Information

ARC programs primarily recruit Mid-Winter/Spring quarters to fill positions for the following Fall.  We do however accept applications on a rolling basis during the year to fill voids that may occur.  Student employment positions are open to currently enrolled undergraduate students with Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing.  Students are ineligible the quarter after graduation.  Applicants must be a UCR student for at least one academic year prior to the position starting.  Transfer applicants should complete a minimum of two quarters of UCR course work prior to the position starting.

We require a minimum 3.0 quarter & cumulative GPA for ASE roles which employees must maintain while employed.  Non-ASE roles require 2.5 quarter & cumulative. Please note: Some programs require a B+ or higher in certain subject areas and/or Recommendation/References from subject area experts.  On average ASE’s work 10-15 hours per week.  ASE’s also serve as Program and ARC ambassador at outreach events throughout the year.

Application & Onboarding Process

  • Submit Application – Use the links below to submit your application
  • Secure an Interview
  • Get an Offer
  • Sign an Offer Letter
  • Complete Onboarding Packet – including I-9 Verification
  • Wait for clearance to begin work - timeline varies
  • Attend Training(s): Overall ARC Orientation; UC Mandated Trainings; Program specific trainings
  • Begin Working

How to apply

Use the links below to apply to all ARC Student Employment positions. If you would like to be considered for a position at the ARC, please fill out the information below and upload the required forms (UCR Application and unofficial transcripts *as PDF files*). No password protected files, please.

Unofficial Transcripts are accessible at

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