Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is an academic assistance program that uses peer-led group study to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses – those with high failure and/or withdrawal rates. SI sessions are regularly scheduled, out-of-class study groups that provide students an opportunity to meet with classmates to compare notes, discuss readings and key course concepts, develop study skill strategies and prepare for exams. SI provides structured and planned activities and guides with faculty collaboration on study guides and agenda. Think of it as organized study time.

UCR offers two versions of SI—Open SI and Learning Community SI—the difference being participation. Students enrolled in a Learning Community are mandated to attend SI twice a week. Open SI follows the traditional tenets of Supplemental Instruction with voluntary participation. 

UCR's Supplemental Instruction program is one of a few nationwide to receive SI Certification from the International Center for Supplemental Instruction from the University of Missouri Kansas City since 2017.

Please review the tabs on the bottom of the posted schedule for all CNAS, BCOE, and Open SI sessions.


COURSE BCOE Learning Community SI CNAS Learning Community SI CHASS Learning Community SI OPEN SI
COMPUTER SCIENCE 10, 12, 14, 61    
ECON 2, 3      
MATH 5    
MATH 22      
ME 2      



SI Leader Employment Opportunities

To learn more about potential SI employment opportunities for students, please refer to the following list of available subjects, qualifications, responsibilities, and the application. 

  • Subjects

    The Academic Resource Center (ARC) seeks highly qualified, upper-division students to fill SI Leader positions in the following disciplines/subjects:

    • Biochemistry 100
    • Biology 5ABC
    • Chemistry 1ABC
    • Chemistry 112ABC
    • Computer Science 10, 12, 14, 61
    • Economics 2, 3
    • Math 5
    • Math 8AB
    • Math 9ABC
    • Math 22
    • Mechanical Engineering 2
    • Physics 2ABC
    • Physics 40AB
    • Psychology 2
  • SI Leader Qualifications
    • Third quarter sophomore, junior or senior
    • Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA/3.5 GPA in subject area
    • UCR student for at least one year
    • 2 letters of reference from faculty/staff (recommended)
    • Responsible, reliable, and punctual
    • Strong interpersonal communication skills
    • Professional behavior/demeanor
    • Attend SI leader training
  • SI Leader Responsibilities
    • Offer weekly SI sessions
    • Attend supported class and prepare SI session plan
    • Keep accurate records and use required forms
    • Develop and maintain relationships with students, instructors and staff
    • Create SI advertising and promotion
    • Act as SI spokesperson and ARC ambassador

SI Leader Training

Arc Student Employment Training/Orientation

In addition to a half-day ARC New Student Employee Orientation and Welcome (onboarding), all student employees participate in mandatory program training, which is typically held prior to the start of the fall term. Each of the ARC’s programs uses different approaches to learning. The unique aspect of these programs, therefore, requires specific trainings as well as in-service and professional development. Below is a detailed description of the student employee training programs in the ARC.

SI Leader Training

SI Leader training is three days and directly follows ARC Orientation. Attached is a sample agenda of the SI Leader training program. In addition to understanding the SI Model and philosophy, key training topic areas include the following:

  • Facilitating/Managing SI sessions
  • Demonstration of  collaborative and interactive session techniques/activities
  • Marketing strategies/Promoting SI
  • Assessing student’s understanding of course material
  • Incorporating Learning Styles theory into SI sessions
  • Working with faculty

Much of SI Leader training is interactive with senior SI Leaders facilitating many of the activities, role plays, and scenarios.

360 SI Training from Pablo Mogrovejo on Vimeo