R'Success Workshop Series


are on a drop-in basis and “first-come, first served.” The workshop series covers a variety of study and life skills topics with each workshop offered several times each quarter. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your study habits and time management skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Every term, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a series of study skills workshops, which are free of charge for registered UCR students. We encourage students to attend as many workshops as needed and then to visit with our peer mentors and professional staff for feedback and reflection on study skills development. R'Success provides students the flexibility to choose workshop sessions on various study and life skills workshops that align with their individual interests and schedule. Workshops for Fall 2021 will be held remotely and in-person. 

Workshops Schedule

ARC Summer 2023 R Success Workshops Schedule is now available-Workshops begin July 3rd, 2023. Workshops are offered on Zoom or in-person at the ARC. If you are unable to attend a workshop during the times below, please call or stop by the ARC front desk (951-827-3721) to set up a one-on-one workshop with a Peer Mentor.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00am Stress Management (Zoom)

Motivation, Goal Setting & Time Management


2:00pm     Stress Management (In-Person)

Motivation, Goal Setting, & Time Management


How to make an appointment for the Online R'Success Workshops:
  1. Log into Accudemia-Click on the Accudemia logo , use your SID as your User ID and Password.
  2. Select Service-R'Success Workshops.
  3. Select Course/Activity- R'Success Workshop Remote.
  4. Select Day/Time-Make an appointment for the day/time you'd like to attend the topic. Note which topic will be offered from the schedule above.
  5. Select Confirm-You will receive an email confirmation with your appointment day/time.
  6. On the day of your appointment, log into Accudemia by using your SID as your User ID and Password. Click on the green start session button in your appointment listing to join the zoom session.

Contact the ARC Front Desk via phone (951.827.3721) if you encounter any challenges making an appointment.

In-Person Sessions will occur from the Academic Resource Center located at 156 Skye Hall.  Check in at the front desk prior to the workshop start time.
  • Be the CEO of You - Begin managing your networks at UCR
  • Communicating with Faculty & The Power of Office Hours - Communicating with faculty and building relationships with others early on can be intimidating.  Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk, building rapport and the power of utilizing office hours.
  • Goal Setting & Time Management - Learn to set goals, prioritize, and plan for your success at UCR and beyond
  • Journey to Academic Success - Recommended for 1st-year and transfer students, the workshop gives a broad view of what students should attend to succeed academically
  • Motivation - Moving forward toward academic success
  • Preparing for and Taking Tests - There's no shortcut to doing well on an exam, but you can make things easier for yourself by knowing what to do before and during your tests
  • Public Speaking & Effective Presentations - Provides an overview of public speaking skills and best practices to speak confidently and effectively.  Understanding what to include or exclude in a presentation
  • Reading for Success in College - Learn, practice, and develop reading skills aimed at making the most of your study time and learning
  • Small Talk & Initiating Relationships - Begin to build a foundation for conversations that will lead to more meaningful interactions and relationships
  • Stress Management - Know the source and effects of stress, and begin to learn how to deal with and prevent stress
  • Taking Care of You, the Student! - Prioritize physical and mental health for a successful academic journey
  • Teamwork and Resolving Conflict - Learn to handle and resolve conflict and better understand collaboration
  • GRAB Control of Your Time

    Four simple ways to make the most of your time and avoid procrastination.

  • Time Management Worksheet

    This is a worksheet that lets you see your weekly schedule at a glance. This allows you to see your schedule and determine whether you are managing your time wisely.

Get recognized for attending workshops throughout the year for a reward.

Attend 7 R'Success Workshops and get a certificate of completion to recognize your participation.

How to Participate
  1. Review the quarterly Schedule of Workshops under Workshop Schedule tab
    1. Workshops offered through the Tutoring and Writing & Reading Support Programs also count.
    2. View the WSP schedule here:
    3. View the TAP schedule here:
  2. Attend 7 different workshops during the academic year
  3. Let us know you have attended 7 workshops (see Completing the Program for more information).
Completing the Program

Once you have attended at least 7 workshops, complete the steps below using this form: R'Success Workshop Series Reflection Submission.

  1. Answer the following questions in your reflection:
    1. How has your participation in the R’Success workshop series contributed to your academic success? 
    2. How will you continue to develop and apply what you have learned through the series?

After we receive your reflection and confirm your participation, the R'Success Workshops coordinator will notify you of your completion of the program.  An invitation to the end-of-the-year celebration will be sent emailed no later than week 7 of Spring quarter

*Add an image of your Certificate of Achievement to your social media account (Instagram, facebook, twitter) with the hashtags #UCRARC #UCRSuccess and let everyone know of your accomplishment.