ARC Mission, Values, Goals


  • By providing peer-to-peer as well as staff support and mentoring, the Academic Resource Center empowers students to grow intellectually and personally as they pursue their goals.

Our Goals Are To:

  • Provide academic support, mentorship and leadership.
  • Increase student success in historically challenging courses, and increase retention and graduation rates.
  • Increase student self-confidence, motivation, understanding of academic support services, and connection to UCR.
  • Encourage a student culture of independent learning.
  • Celebrate differences and diversity.
  • Ensure equal access to resources.

We Value:

  • Providing a welcoming environment with high quality support services to all students.
  • Encouraging students to be life-long learners.
  • Respecting the diverse ways in which students learn and acquire knowledge.
  • Facilitating collaborative learning experiences.
  • Creating a culture of academic excellence.

2021-2022 ARC Annual Report

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