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Contact the Front Desk at (951) 827-3721 to a make an appointment with an ACE Counselor.

Assistance, Coaching, and Encouragement (better known as ACE) is a customized academic support program for students encountering academic difficulty. The goal of ACE is to aid students in the development of essential and lifelong academic skills and study habits that will ultimately help them achieve academic success.

You are encouraged to enroll in ACE is you are a UCR students with the following concerns:
  • Don’t understand faculty and/or course expectations
  • Need help with study skills development
  • Having difficulty transitioning from high school to college
  • Don’t have the GPA you should have

All financial aid recipients must be in compliance with UCR's Financial Aid Office Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  As a condition of continued financial aid eligibility, Federal regulations require UCR to monitor students’ academic progress toward completion of a degree or program. Students are at risk of losing their financial aid if they do not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements, which are as follows:  

  • Maintaining a minimum grade point average:
    • 2.00 for Undergraduate Students
    • 2.00 for Teaching Credential Students
    • 3.00 for 4th and 5th year Biomedical Sciences Students
    • 3.00 for Graduate Students
  • Completing a minimum number of units for credit each quarter to maintain SAP pace (units completed divided by units attempted).
  • Completing your degree objective within the maximum time.
  • What does ACE stand for?
    Assistance, Coaching, and Encouragement – a program aimed at helping YOU the student succeed.
  • Why was I referred by Financial Aid?
    Students who have not satisfied the SAP requirements have the opportunity to appeal the cancellation of their financial aid. Use the appeal process to report extenuating circumstances which prevented you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress; grade changes; and/or part-time enrollment as approved by an academic advisor. More information on this can be found at
  • How do I enroll in ACE?
    You can enroll in the ACE program by filling out the ACE Enrollment Application. Once this is complete make an appointment through the front desk of the ARC with an ACE counselor – remember to keep your appointment.
  • The e-mail says I have to make an appointment within the first 3 weeks but it’s already week 5. What do I do?
    Come in and talk with an ACE counselor as soon as you can to determine options and next steps.
  • Can I still enroll in ACE even if I wasn’t referred/am not on Academic Probation?
    Students are welcomed to ‘self-refer’ to the ACE program in attempts to proactively enhance their academic progress. They will need to take the same steps as those who are referred from particular departmental offices.
  • How do I get a Peer Mentor?
    Refer to “How to enroll in ACE” or “How does ACE work? What do we talk about in the meeting(s)?”
  • How does ACE work? What do we talk about in the meeting(s)?
    During your initial consultation, an ACE professional staff counselor will assess the causes of your academic difficulties and explain how ACE can help. Together, you will work out a program of ACE activities tailored to meet your needs. You finalize your commitment to these activities by signing an ACE contract. An ACE Peer Mentor with a background in your field of study will be assigned to monitor your progress on a regular basis.
  • I’ve already enrolled in ACE. What happens if I don’t complete my contract?
    Once you have made an ACE agreement, it is expected for you to work with the Peer Mentor for the quarter on the program agreed upon in your initial consultation. Failure to uphold the terms of your ACE agreement could jeopardize your progress in your major as well as delay the release of your future financial aid (depending on who referred you). We find that students who complete the terms of their ACE contract by following up on program requirements are able to earn satisfactory quarter GPAs and improve their overall academic standing at the University. ACE participants also report that they have made valuable contacts at the ARC and that they have become more aware of campus support services and how to use them.
  • How will the person who referred me know that I completed my contract?
    ACE participants are encouraged to share their participation with the person who referred them. FERPA regulations prevent us from disclosing this information without consent from the student. Talk with your ACE counselor for details on how to give appropriate consent to referrers.
  • Where exactly is the Surge building?
    Surge is located directly across from University Lecture Hall (UNLH) 1000. 

ACE Program Peer Mentor Positions

The Academic Resource Center is looking for highly qualified students who are interested in assisting the needs of first year, transfer, and re-entry students in making a successful transition into the university setting.  Peer Mentors provide one-on-one academic support to continuing students having academic difficulties, helping them develop academic skills and effective study habits. 

Peer Mentors are:

-Responsible, reliable, and punctual

-Sensitive to student needs and be able to work with a diverse student populations

-Use active listening and problem-solving skills in mentoring other undergraduate students

-Assess and monitor student academic abilities by one-on-one mentoring

-Facilitate R’Success Workshops

-Acquaint students with resources available on campus

-Establish and maintain rapport with students


It is highly recommended intereted applicants participate in the ARC Interpersonal Relationship Seminar which occurs once a year - usually in the Spring Quarter.

Applications accepted at the beginning of Spring Quarter for Fall Positions. 

Please see our student employment page (here) for additional information, including how to submit an application.

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