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Guidelines to Successful Tutoring Appointments

Want to know the secret of a successful tutoring appointment? The guidelines below detail the expectations for both student and tutor.

  • Attend class! Tutoring is not a substitute for class, so don’t expect the tutor to fill in the gaps. If you do miss a class, your best bet is to work with your classmates—ask them questions about the lecture, review their notes, and discuss the associated readings.
  • Do not procrastinate! Come early and often. Plan ahead and schedule your tutor appointments for the entire quarter. Don’t wait until the last minute (i.e., the night before a test or the day an assignment is due). Students who begin tutoring in the beginning of the term earn more successful grades than those who wait until later.
  • Be Realistic! Our tutors are not the “answer people.” Our tutors do everything they can to engage students in the conversation, encouraging students to not only ask questions but answer them, too. The only thing they won’t do is give you the answer. It’s unrealistic to think a tutor can help you learn course material in just a few hours. It’s also unrealistic to expect the tutor to give you the answer, as if you’ll be able to remember everything and regurgitate it at a later date, like on a test. Our tutors are always happy to work students but the process gets difficult when students have unrealistic expectations about the outcomes of the support.
  • Come Prepared! You must put forth a reasonable amount of effort into your assignments before working with a tutor. You should also come prepared, arriving on time and bringing appropriate materials such as assignment instructions, textbook, and class notes.
  • Bring Questions! After a genuine attempt to complete the assignment, prepare several specific questions regarding course material. Use these questions as the basis of your tutoring session.
  • Keep your appointments! If you miss 3 tutoring appointments (no shows), we will suspend your appointment scheduling privileges for the remainder of the quarter. During this time, you will be able to visit a tutor but only on a drop-in/walk-in basis. Also know that if you are late more than 10 minutes, your appointment is deemed a no-show. All no-show appointments are cancelled and given to other students.
  • Academic Integrity is required! Following UCR’s [Standards of Conduct], we can’t stress enough the importance of doing your own work. Cheating and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in the ARC; suspicions of such will be reported to the Tutor Coordinator.
  • Do your own work! Tutors are not to do student’s work nor provide an editing service for paper writing. Tutors are here to help students with the process of learning in order to give them the confidence they need to do their work independently.
  • Courtesy goes a long way! Be courteous of other students in the ASC. While we want to have a fun environment in the ARC, we need to remember to maintain an environment suitable for studying. Conversations with tutors should not disturb other students working in the ARC. Cell phones should be silenced. Personal calls should be made at another time.
  • Asking for help is smart! If at any time a student has not followed the above guidelines, a tutor may find it necessary to reschedule the appointment. Every student is responsible for their own learning. A tutor cannot make you learn something.

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